UAV Blades Inspection:

Visual Working was the first company to prove the possibility of detecting sub millimiter defects using advanced UAV imaging and processing techniques. Our drone based inspection method is a game changer for the wind industry.


Over 5 years and thousands of blades experience inspecting with drones

Cost Saving

20' for a full turbine inspection reduce down time and costs dramatically

On & Offshore

We operate in any extreme environment, onshore and offshore

Processing & Reporting

State of the art image processing algorithms and cloud data manager

Pioneering UAV
Offshore Inspections

Since 2013 the experienced Visual Working technicians have been pioneering Offshore UAV Wind Turbine Blades Inspection.
In 2017 we broke the efficiency world record inspecting 20 turbines in just 7.5 working hours, offshore.

offshore WTG/day
Blades Inspected
Megapixel Images
UAV motors

See What We Can Do!

Ultra High Quality Images & State Of The Art Software

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