Truly application of drones is expanding with a boom. Drones are aggressively intruding into industries, areas and application, where one would have never thought of using them. Painting, Street Arts and Graffiti, all can be easily done with the help of colorful little drones holding, spray paints and paint brushes to paint the areas which are not easily accessible. Below are some examples.

1.    Painting High Rises

The walls of your house, building or any other high rise have gotten dirty and traditional way of painting is too costly? Not anymore! There is no need to pay for high costs to carryout scaffolding around your building, use long ladders and make someone dangle from the top. The drones are there for the rescue, no need to put the workers on a risk, simply contact someone offering a drone painting service and a drone will fly by your place holding spray gun with a hose or a paint roller to clear out all the mess. Drones are very stable while hovering and can easily paint the externals of your house or building with a good finishing touch (Ratti, 2017).

2.    Street Arts and Graffiti

Katsu has his name in Graffiti and Street Arts, and while explaining the use of drone for the same purpose, he told Bard College’s Center of the Study of the Drone, that before drones, he would look at buildings and other huge walls and would imagine imprinting his art on them. He said that his eyes would reach them but the limbs would limit his art, but now with drones, this is no longer a hurdle (Choi, 2016).

3.    Smart Art

In a recent project at McGill University, different sensors, cameras and image processing were used to program a drone to paint different sketches with the help of a paint brush. Once the drone was programmed with the sketch, it uses multiple dots to paint the sketch on the surface. In the future, completely automated painting drones can be manufactured, which will revolutionize the painting industry (Zara, 2017).


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