Good news for construction engineers willing to save billions on their projects. Use of drones on construction projects can result in cutting cost of the projects by billions, in both direct and indirect ways. With a global industry of worth 8.5 Million USD, even miniscule changes result in saving billions. As per a recent study carried out by the American Institute of Architects, construction related wastes contribute to some where about 25 % to 40 % of America’s total solid wastes. Similarly, in the UK, it constitutes to 15% as per Green Building Council. This results in wastes adding up to 160 Billion USD alone in America, as the total construction industry is of worth 1.13 Trillion USD. Below are some of the ways in which drones will help you in saving significant amounts (Peter, 2017).

1.    Surveying

With availability of low cost and low weight drones, films, images and models of sites can be easily captured with high accuracy and with the help of high tech software, detailed analysis can be made. Drones can map your site and elevation models which can then be used to review and understand through 3D modeling software. This is a very low cost and less time consuming method when compared to traditional expensive surveying tools, machinery and man power which give you the results in complex forms which again require high skills to make them valuable. On the other hand, drones will provide you with actionable intelligence, which will result in saving both cost and time (Clay, 2016).

2.    Monitoring

Monitoring your site becomes more of a challenge when either you have multiple sites to manage, multiple tasks to supervise simultaneously or have a project of sheer size. With the help of drones, you can easily monitor the performance of the man power, compliance of safety standards and quality assurance at all steps. On time project completion is always among the most critical tasks, and with the help of a drone, it becomes very easy to monitor the progress and fill up the gaps to ensure in time achievement of milestones.

3.    Resources Management

With an eye in the sky, a construction manager will have look at all the resources in hand, be it man power, logistics, locations or major equipment, he/she will know which one is engaged where and which is in spare and can be  utilized. This will result in efficient use of resources and thereby, will make the work more productive.

4.    Safety and Security

Thefts and safety violations are a common thing at work sites, and with a bird’s eye view, you can easily identify any intrusion, a missing resource,  or a safety non compliance.

5.    Inspection

No more need to dangle through ropes to inspect hard to reach locations at height. Drones can be mounted with High Definition Cameras along with other sensors such as thermal imaging, infra red sensing, etc which can then be processed with the help of analyzing software to take inspection decisions (Jim, 2017).

In short, drones can help you in saving a good sum when used on construction projects. The benefits are not limited to the above mentioned five; rather, a drone can help you in several other direct and indirect ways.




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