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17 February 2018

Actionable Intelligence and Wind Turbine’s Drone Inspection

As UAVs are making a good place in Wind Turbine's Inspection industry, engineers and inspectors…
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12 January 2018

Save More With Drones on Your Construction Projects

Good news for construction engineers willing to save billions on their projects. Use of drones…
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DroneUAV Inspections
8 November 2017

UAV Wind Turbine Inspection

Installed under harsh conditions and several kilometers away from shore, offshore wind turbines require yearly…
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15 October 2017

Increase in Drone Assisted Wind Turbine’s Inspection

With high paced increase in the generation of clean energy through wind turbines, the need…
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29 May 2017

New offshore world record: UAV blades inspection

2017 has added another feather in the cap for the Visual Working UAV inspection team that is proud to announce an astonishing NEW WORLD RECORD: 20 offshore turbines inspected in just…
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